Things you wanted to know about VIENO but didn't want to ask...

What is a vieno?

A vieno can be anything an outlet wish to give to users for free. Items vary from a house beverages, a cocktail, a hot or a cold beverage.

How many vienos can I get each day?

You can have one (1) vieno each day, which corresponds to one (1) free item. You can redeem your vieno on the same day until last call or closing time of the venue.

What is the value of the vieno that I have?

The value of each vieno (i.e, the maximum value of the item that you can get for free) is set by each venue and may vary from day to day. For example, a cafe can give out vienos of a maximum value of AED 50 on Wednesday and AED 25 on Thursday.

What do I need to show to the staff to get the vieno that I have booked?

You have to show your digital vieno coupon to the staff member who is serving you at the time of your order. The staff has to tap the “VALIDATE” button in order to complete the process. Please show the coupon before or at the time of your order and NOT after.

What happens if the vieno that I have, has a different value than the item that I want to order?

You can only order an item that is of equal or lesser value than the vieno you have reserved. If your vieno is of a greater value than the item you want to order, then you cannot use the rest of the vieno’s value. For example: if you have reserved a vieno of maximum value AED 75 and your item costs AED 50, then you cannot order two items or ask for money for the remaining of the vieno’s value. You cannot order an item that has a greater value and pay for the difference.

Is my vieno valid for any kind of menu item that I want to have?

You can redeem you vieno with any kind of item you want at the venue within the specific cost limit and within the category specified by the venue (Hot Drink, Cold Beverage, House Beverage, etc .. )

I booked a vieno, but eventually I was not able to visit the venue. Is there any consequence for me?

No, there is not any consequence. Your vieno will expire once the venue announces their last call or once the venue closes. You can claim another vieno the next day.

I booked a vieno but the venue was too crowded and I could not be served that night. Can I keep my vieno to use on another day?

Unfortunately not, your vieno is valid only for that day.

Furthermore, we bear no responsibility whatsoever, if the venue could not or denied to serve you. However, we kindly request that you inform us of such incident, so that we can communicate with the venue and check if such incidents are repeated frequently.